The Church of St Mary Magdalene, Boveney
The Church of St Mary Magdalene, Boveney

The Church as a Venue

St Mary Magdalene, Boveney provides an ideal setting for appropriate events other than services, such as concerts or exhibitions, and we wish to see the Church used as much as possible.  It is of architectural and historic importance as well as being a unique venue. Naturally, the Friends have in all cases to make certain requirements to ensure that any use does not conflict with the building.


But please be warned: the charm of St Mary Magdalene is partly dependent upon the lack of modern conveniences and facilities.


St Mary Magdalene does not have running water, a lavatory, electric lighting, an electricity or gas supply. Therefore there is no heating.


However, it is recommended that organisers of events consider the use of a passenger boat that is able to moor near to the Church and provide refreshments, toilet facilities, warmth and a very pleasant way to arrive and leave from the Church. Our partners, Fringilla, are based just up the river at Bray and would be delighted to provide details of suitable boats for events.

Their telephone number is 07977 448 117.


To obtain details of booking events at St Mary Magdalene, please complete the message form on the Contact Us page and we will respond quickly to all requests.

Visit the Church

See Directions in Contact Us.


The Church is now open daily.


We encourage those who are interested to take advantage of going inside the Church and enjoying the wonderful, quiet, peaceful place that it is.

Donations please!

The Friends of St Mary Magdalene, Boveney would be most grateful for any donation you might wish to make to assist us in maintaining this beautiful church. Thank you.

St Mary Magdalene, Boveney as a Wedding Blessing, Concert, Literary or Riverside Picnic Venue

The Church is available as a venue for appropriate events.

Full details in the Venue section