The Church of St Mary Magdalene, Boveney
The Church of St Mary Magdalene, Boveney

The Objectives of the Friends of St Mary Magdalene on the Thames at Boveney are:

  • To support and assist the Friends of Friendless Churches, who are the leaseholders of the Church
  • To help preserve and maintain the Church in a sound, clean and usable state,
  • So far as is possible, to provide for the perpetual preservation and maintenance of the Church,
  • To preserve and enhance the spiritual atmosphere of the Church, and its architectural and historical integrity,
  • To propagate local interest in, and understanding of, the Church and the community it served for so long,
  • To encourage research into the history of the Church and its community.

Visit the Church

The Church is open daily.


We encourage those who are interested to take advantage of going inside the Church and enjoying the wonderful, quiet, peaceful place that it is.

St Mary Magdalene, Boveney as a Wedding Blessing, Concert, Literary or Riverside Picnic Venue

The Church is available as a venue for appropriate events.

Full details in the Venue section